“Bin sees the big picture and understands how a film works as a whole. Coupled with his extraordinary eye for detail this combination not only delivers powerful individual story arcs but also a brilliantly structured film story arc. Bin understands that story is king, everything serves it and his ability to collaborate in an open dialogue where everything can be challenged in the creative process makes him a wonderful editor to work with.”

Kyle Portbury
Emmy® award-winner, 3-time Australian Directors Guild nominated writer/director.

“I’ve worked with Bin Li since 2001 and can’t recommend him highly enough.
Not only is he constantly upgrading his skills and craft, he also value-adds to
every project he is on. From our debut feature film to documentaries, reality
programmes and short form videos, Bin is as professional as he is a joy to work with.
Every. Single. Time.”

Esan Sivalingam
CEO / Co-Founder at Hoods Inc. Productions Pte Ltd

“I’ve known Bin Li for 20 years and over that period he has edited various drama and factual programs for me, as well as brand and commercial projects. Bin’s
integrity as a person is of the highest order, and that integrity flows into all the projects he embarks on. Bin’s high levels of perception and analysis, together with
his amazing instincts during filming and editing, have lifted our projects to the next level.”

Steve Pasvolsky.
Academy Awards® nominee, Creator, writer, director, producer.

“I have known and worked with Bin for many years. Bin has an excellent approach to storytelling, and backed up with his technical knowledge, shows through his creative approach to Feature Film, Documentary and Television projects we have worked on together.”

Adam Scott
Director, Studio Management & Services – APAC at Netflix

“I worked closely with Bin while he was an Editor on Blinky Bill the Movie. The project was complex, difficult and constantly changing direction required experience and cool heads to guide it through each iteration. Bin brought those qualities, as well as a warmth, humility, and sense of humour when they were needed.
I learned a lot from working Bin, he is happy to share his extensive knowledge, without ego, to help the project and the team around him. I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to hopefully being able to work with Bin again.”

 Michael Pattison
Head of Production – DAVE Enterprises

“Working with Bin was a delight. He’s a talented, focused and open-minded editor, who was always willing to explore ideas and collaborate to come up with great solutions.
Always an enjoyable experience and with excellent results at the end of it.”

 Angus Stevens
CEO & Co-Founder Start Beyond – Chair of Australian Metaverse Advisory Council

“Bin has an extraordinary eye for detail plus the valuable ability to recognise essential
story arcs. He will carefully mine all available footage to enhance the story, plus he selects scenes with a refined sense of visual beauty. On top of this, he was professional, punctual, committed and fun to work with. It was a pleasure working with Bin and I have no hesitation in recommending him for any production (providing,
of course, that it doesn’t conflict with the times we’d like to secure him again).”

Kahla Gerard
Executive Producer – Visionworks Productions

“Bin is an outstanding Editor and creative collaborator. I have worked with him in Sydney on traditional feature film projects, and then more recently, working on immersive media projects.
He is an innovative, creative and pragmatic story-teller; comfortable with technology, platform and delivery. Moreover, he has a wonderful sense of humour, and approaches film-making without ego or assumption, but with a collaborative intent to get the best from the content, and to realise the Director’s vision.
I’d recommend Bin without hesitation.”

Paul Willey
Head of Digital Experience Creative Technologist

“Bin is a fantastic editor certainly in terms of craft and communication, but also in his patient and compassionate understanding of directors and their nature. He’s simply a delight to work with- humorous, kind, smart, diligent, tolerant, and fun! I could not have better things to say about Bin as a film editor.”

Li-Anne Huang
Investments I Fundraising I Growth Strategy | M&A

“Bin is good, give him a job.”

 Peter Weir
2023 Academy Awards® Winner and  Six times Academy Awards® nominee
Film Director – Writer – Producer