Feature film historical drama based on real events 

Aboard a steamship sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in 1874,
widower John Andrews delights the restless minds of his two children
with a tale of courage, hope, war, and true love that begins with the
end of the world.
90 minute Feature Film shot on location in Canada, Australia and Scotland
Post-produced in Sydney, Australia.
Film Editor and Producer:
Bin Li

ghost town cricket 

Television Pilot 

One day each year, regional stockmen, far flung locals and grey nomads gather to play a game of cricket in the most unusual, abandoned town setting in the Australian Outback.


This is their story.

TV Pilot shot on location in Farina, South Australia

Post-produced in Sydney.

Written & Directed by

Matt Sterne


Bin Li, Henry Richardson

Director of Photography

Evan Papageorgiou

Film Editor

Bin Li